Good night Eileen, bedside lamp

The concept of this lamp is based on the principle of the hand torch, which used to be used at home when it was dark in order to get from one room to another. The material porcelain, plays an important part in this as it transports the user back into the past through its optics and haptics. Especially the grip of the lamp reminds of old candleholders and hand torches.
The transmission of electricity between the lamp and the charging station occurs through magnetic induction, i.e. there are no visual transmission elements.
The idea behind it is to transmit a clear message to the user. The form language is unmistakable: the lamp can be carried everywhere in the house, for example at night to the kitchen or the toilet; there is no need to switch on the light everywhere first.
“Good night Eileen”charges itself on the charging point and as soon as it is taken away from there continues to glow for a few minutes before the light slowly fades.

Designed for Postfossil